Descrizione Progetto

Architecture is a “machine-à-habiter” as le corbusier said. the aim of the project is to create a synergetic relationship between architecture and nature, architecture and culture. the gardens at the different levels are small squares in common to the different units. the main idea of the project is to promote a residential building where people can share their experience one each other and at the same time, they can live in strict relationship with nature.

the project is strictly linked to the flower garden. gardens, trees, planting and nature permeate through the entire building plot and help to define the character of it by providing a big open space and an informal network of pedestrian links. the aim of the project is to multiply the green areas of the plot. for this reason, the apartment’s area is detached from the public courtyard. moreover, the different levels of the cloud are characterized by private garden.
the vertical and horizontal movement of the project gives to the residents the possibility to enjoy the best view of the flower garden.

the purpose of the project is to produce a people friendly place where pedestrian and cycle flow are promoted.
pedestrian and cycle traffic will be able to move around the entire area freely. for this reason the plate is designed to be completely users friendly. the big public courtyard could become, if necessary, an open theatre. it could host public event. at the same time, it is an important place to stay for the inhabitants. the new environment will be one where the pedestrian and cyclist are provided with more priority and reduced vehicular speeds will provide a safer space for people to walk or cycle. cycle parking is included inside the square of the proposal to encourage the use of the cycle for trips to and from the different zones and the rest of the city.

the building follows the streetscape. at the same time, it try to minimize its visual and physical impact in the area. it do it in two different ways:
the plate increase and decrease its height becoming accessible from the street on the axes north- south. it is a park, a square, an open courtyard. between the plate and the cloud there is an empty level uses to bond the inside to the outside.
on the other hand, the cloud minimize its massive impact by the various translations of the cells that give a vibrant game of light and shadow.
the rooftop of the building is at 25,20 m. at this level there are 4 greenhouses. the rooftop is a hanging garden for the residents. here they can cultivate a vegetable garden.

the building lives in a strict relationship with nature, visually and physically. hanging gardens have the ability to reduce the overall heat absorption of the building, which then reduces energy consumption. they also increase biodiversity creating the habitat for birds and beneficial insects.

furthermore, the building uses local material, all the components of the building are ready-made and modular.

the intent “is to promote a “liveable”, connected and diverse development with a vibrant mix of both private and public uses encouraging living, learning, working and serving within a local and wider community. there will be focus on education, culture and heritage”.

a simple modular element can produce complexity. this is the main philosophical idea of the project. repetition is the means to obtain order. there is no hierarchy but juxtaposition of elements.

the building can be divided in 4 vertical parts.

the plate of 4000 sqm host the commercial area. on the roof there is an open and public courtyard. 8 entrances guide to the cloud. it is characterized by 100 apartments divided in 3 and 4 bedroom units. there are 52 90 to 100 m2 apartments, 33 100 to 110 m2 apartments and 15 110 to 120 m2 apartments.
on the rooftop there are there are 4 greenhouses. the rooftop is a hanging garden for the residents. here they can cultivate a vegetable garden.

Elaborati grafici