Descrizione Progetto

White is light
The project involves the realization of a completely white and cozy ambient. to maximize the brightness. For this reason also the pillars and the walls will be white. The parquet will be whitened oak according to the customer’ s indications: the lofted portion, including the existing kitchen, bathroom and utility, currently in the front of the apartment will be removed entirely near the entrance there will be the closet space for coats

Reading area
Considering that the customer loves reading, the project involves the presence of a reading area.
there will be an intimate space with two armchairs and a large library.

Characterized by double vanity with standing shower and access outside the bedroom. The space for the washer/dryer will be located in the ante-bathroom.

As required there will be a large walk-in-closet and enough room to fit a king-sized bed.

Living area
Dining room + kitchen + living room. This area will be divided by a large library. it will be a filter between living and dining room. The protagonist of the kitchen will be the island, there will be also the space for ikea cabinets and stainless steel appliances. . opposite the island the project includes the presence of extendable table with wooden top. the ambient will be illuminated by flos lamps. The living room is ideally divided into two parts. a space for a sofa to see tv or to listen music from loudspeakers and a more intimate space with two armchairs and a kneading trough.

Elaborati grafici